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You certainly must have heard of Bidemi Kosoko, right? For those who are not aware, Bidemi is the daughter of Veteran actor, Prince Jide Kosoko. Bidemi Kosoko is from a lineage of talents. Before anything else, let me give you the complete biography of this pretty Yoruba actress, who is slowly but surely becoming a Name in Nigeria.

Bidemi Kosoko Biography

Bidemi Kosoko is a Nollywood actress whose movies are well-known in Youruba and Nigeria as a whole. However, it seems like her talents is on a higher drive when it comes to acting in Yoruba Movies, as she is known for her amazing roles in Yoruba movies.

Bidemi Kosoko has appeared in so many Yoruba movies, but she featured in “Alakada Reloaded”, thanks to her talents, was an instant hit when it was released in the market.

Bidemi Kosoko actress

Bidemi is not only known for her talents in Acting, but her fashion style has made her a favorite among the female folks, where she inspires Millions of her social Media followers with amazing styles.

According to the superstar actress, her fashion sense comes to her naturally. She does not really have mentor or stylish she looks up to when it comes to fashion, saying she follows her natural instinct.

One of the main features of her style is her perfume choice. Bidemi Kosoko prefers scents with non-offensive fragrance. We discovered that Bidemi always love smelling good, no matter where she is or the time.

Speaking on growing up, the actress said and I quote below;

“I recalled that while growing up, I was a very stubborn and troublesome girl. Many persons I know till date are still avoiding me because they feel my dad will arrest them if they touch me, and with that I will still act like I have some kind of power somewhere, but all that is gone now, am more matured.” she recalled.

Bidemi Kosoko Profile

Bidemi Kosoko age

Bidemi Kosoko date of birth is October 21, 1988. The beautiful, talented and brainy actress was raised in a family packed filled with Talented Actors.

There is no need to introduce her famous father, since he’s a household name in Nigeria, a legend both in Yoruba and Nollywood industry. Her father is famous Yoruba actor Jide Kosoko.

Her stepmother is Henrietta Kosoko, and she was once the president of Association of Theatre Arts. There has not been public information about her biological mother, only that she died in 1993.

Talking about Bidemi siblings, the superstar has a sister – Sola Kosoko who is also an actress. Both sisters graduated from Lagos State University. Their course, Theatre Arts.

Bidemi Kosoko Style

Bidemi Kosoko styles

Bidemi Kosoko styles

If you’re following this actress on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Facebook, you will know that she’s a lady fashionista.Bidemi Kosoko is fashion and Fashion is Bidemi.

Aside the fact that Bidemi movies are well-known all around Nigeria, another popular topic about the beautiful and talented Actress that people love talking about, is the “Bidemi`s style”.

She even gave an interview to an online Media house in Nigeria, where the main topice was about her sense of style. According to her, her fashion sense comes to her naturally, saying that she has no mentor or aspires to be anyone while dressing.

Bidemi Kosoko Age

For someone so talented in her movies, you’ll think she is quite matured. But that is the reversed. Bedemi Kosoko was born on October 21, 1988.

The star actress will be 31 years old as of 2019.

Bidemi Kosoko Family

The young actress comes from a family that is talented in the acting world. She is the daughter of famous and respected veteran actor, Prince Jide Kosoko. Her stepmother, Henrietta Kosoko was an actress who was the president of Association of Theatre Arts.

Bidemi Kosoko Family

When it comes to sibling, Bidemi did not have too many siblings. Bidemi has an elder sister, Sola Kosoko who is also an actress and a brother, Tunji Kosoko.

The two sisters, Bidemi and Sola were born of the same mother, but she sadly died in 1993.

The Biography of Bidemi Kosoko and her Step Mother

Henrietta Kosoko

The star actress says she does not know much about her biological mother, and she was only five (5) years old when she died.

While speaking in a recent interview, the actress believes that her real mother is Henrietta Kosoko. In one of her interviews, she confessed that Henrietta Kosoko was a real mother to her,and has been performing the duties of a Real Mother.

In her own words, there would be no Bidemi Kosoko house, Car, Career without Henrietta Kosoko.

Bidemi Kosoko Husband Snatching Allegation

Early 2018, star actress Bidemi Kosoko was involved into an alleged scandal of Husband snatching. This is not new in Nigerian Movie industry, as actress like Mercy Johnson, etc have been accused of snatching hsband.

The actress was accused of having an affair with Omotoyosi Rasak, who is the husband of Bose Alao Omotoyosi, a colleague of Bidemi Kosoko. According to an anonymous tip who begged not to have her identity revealed, said that Bidemi affair with Rasak was exposed through sent messages to Bose Alao.

Bose Alao, the colleague of Bidemi even posted her chat with this anonymous person on her Instagram stories, laying bare everything for the world to see. Not withstanding the allegation, Bidemi Kosoko denied all accusation of her sleeping with Bose Alao`s husband.

Bidemi Kosoko Married

Bidemi Kosoko marriage

Once in an interview with Online news Nigeria, the actress shared her dreams, saying that one of her dream is to have a blissful home and raise wonderful kids. Saying that she can never be fulfilled without having a family of her own.

Speaking with The Nation, the actress disclosed that she is currently in a relationship and may not be getting married anytime soon as some would have expected. When asked if she has a Man in her life, the actress ‘Of course I have a man.

But picture has surfaced and we’ve confirmed that Bidemi Kosoko is married traditionally. But we don’t know when or where she will be hosting her white wedding. Maybe it will be in Dubai like TuBaba.

Bidemi Kosoko Movies

  • Marriage Runs
  • Asiri
  • My Mum & I
  • Wicked Wife
  • Shikemi
  • Alakada Reloaded, including others too numerous to count here.

You can download her Movies from ToxicWap

Cosmetic Surgery

The actress disclosed that she does not support Cosmetic surgery and will never submit herself to the knife, saying that she’s satisfied with her figure.

Speaking exclusively with NNN, the actress said and I quote below;

I cannot go for cosmetic surgery because I am not a fashion freak who wants to be perfect at all time. I don’t think there is anything that I would like or want to change about my body in order to fit in, nothing reigns forever, so I like myself the way I am and I cherish my nature, body and shape.

Bidemi Kosoko News

This actress has not be spared from news and controversies surrounding public figures.

While speaking exclusively to RazzleDazzle, Bidemi Kosoko strongly refuted rumors flying round that she snatched the husband of her fellow actress, Bose Alan.

Bidemi denied being in any relationship with a married man, which is rumored to be Omotoyosi Rasak, the husband of Bose Alan.

The beautiful actress went further to debunked claims that she got an apartment from Rasak, saying and I quote below;

“I never wanted to comment on this whole drama of husband snatching, because they are very untrue but for clarification sake, I’d do the needful. The point is I’m not a husband snatcher, I have never snatched anyone’s husband. I have no idea whatsoever where the so called rumors emanated from and I’m not ready to be party to such.”

Also speaking on the allegation that she received a house from  Rasak, Bidemi vehemently denied the allegation, saying “I did not get any apartment from any married man, thank you!”.

Bidemi was accused personally by actress Bose Alao, when Bose Aloa in an instagram post, accused the actress sleeping with her hubby, Omotoyosi Rasaq.

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