Chacha Eke is one Nollywood actress that is hugely loved by Nigerians. She came right from the bottom and worked her way to the top, earning herself a spot among A-List Actress in Nigeria.

Just like her fellow Actress Ini Edo and Mercy Johnson, Chacha Eke has been featured in so many movies.

Her birthname is actually Charity Eke, but she is popularly known as Chacha Eke Faani. She is a Nigerian actress who hails from Ebonyi State. Her rise to stardom is attributed to the Movie “The End is Near” which was released in 2012, and she starred as the Lead Actor.

Real Name: Charity Eke
Birthday: 1st May 1993
Husband: Austin Faani
Nationality: Nigeria
State: Ebonyi State
Marriage Date: 2013
Children: Kamara Faani
Siblings: Peace Eke
Religion: Christianity

Charity Eke, who is well known by her stage Name, ChaCha Eke truly loves philosophy, as her Instagram page is packed filled with Motivational quotes, Words on Marble and yes, her family.

The actress is ever proud to always showcase her daughters and Husband whenever the opportunity avail itself.

ChaCha Eke Biography

Charity Eke spend her Teenage life within the boundaries of Ebonyi State. The Actress was born in Ebonyi State, South Eastern Nigeria, to a middle-class family.

chacha eke family

She had her primary (basic) education at ESUT Nursery and Primary School, which is located in Ebonyi State. She went on to complete her secondary school education at Our Lord Shepherd International School in Enugu state.

However, for the completion of her education, Charity Eke decided to go back and study in the Ebonyi State University (EBS) where she graduated with a B.Sc degree in Accountancy.

Chacha Eke is the daughter of the Ebonyi State Commissioner for Education, Professor John Eke.

Chacha Eke Marriage

chacha eke children and husband

Before her marriage, this beautiful and talented Actress has already made a name for herself in the industry. The actress got married to Austin Faani Ikechukwu.

Chacha Eke Husband is named Austin Faani Ikechukwu but is popularly known as Faani. He is a movie director.

Charity Eke weds Austin Faani Ikechukwu in 2013, and they’re now blessed with two girls who are named Kamara Faani and Kaira Faani.

Chacha Eke Movies

The End is Near Secret Assassins Rope of Blood
Commander in Chief Royal Assassins Hand of Destiny
Clap of Thunder The Promise Lucy
Two Hearts Valley of Tears Sound of Ikoro
Beach 24 Village Love Omalicha
Gift of Pain Weeping Angel Bread of Sorrow
A Cry for Justice Rosa my Village Love Basket of Sorrow
Jewels of the Sun My Rising Sun Festival of Sorrow
Bloody Carnival My Sweet Love Kamsi the Freedom Fighter
Cleopatra Secret Palace Mission Pot of Riches
Dance for The Prince Stubborn Beans Girls at War
Mirror of Life Bitter Heart Crossing the Battle Line
Innocent Pain Shame to Bad People Money Works With Blood
Bridge of Contract Beauty of the gods Happy Never After
Palace of Sorrow Pure Heart Who Took My Husband
Roasted Alive Roasted Alive Roasted Alive
Royal First lady After the Altar Bloody Campus
Beyond Beauty Bondage Princess’s Revenge

Note: Please take note that the list above is NOT the only Movies acted by this actress, she has featured in quite a Lot of other Movies. But this is the more popular Movies she starred in.

Chacha Eke Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

If you’re truly a fan of this actress, then you surely will be following her on her social Media accounts. However, if you are yet to follow her on her Instagram Page, Twitter handle or Facebook page, here’s the opportunity.

In an interview, the Actress disclosed that she met her husband before he became a Movie Director. When asked how she met her husband, the actress disclosed that she met her husband in 2009 while on set shooting a movie entitled, “When Kings Decide” it was an Amaco production.

Meaning that back in 2009, Faani was a movie editor and had come to pick up tapes of already shot scenes, and this was the first time Chacha met with her husband.

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