Ojokoro Lagos Postal Code for all Streets in Ojokoro

I published Lagos Zip Code and was amazed when readers started asking for the Ojokoro postal code. Well, like every business that cared about the welfare of her readers, I decided to share the Ojokoro zip code to all those who are interested.

This is the complete list of Ojokoro Lagos Postal Code, including its Towns and Villages. For those who are not aware, there is absolutely no difference between Zip codes and Postal codes. The Ojokoro Lagos Zip code is the same as Postal code or Ojokoro Lagos Postcode.

Here is the full list of postal code for district area.

Please take note that this list is organized by areas, districts, and street. Mostly all the street in each of the area as shown below have the same postal/zip code.

Ojokoro lagos zip code

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The Ojokoro Zip code is the nine digits at the front of each street.

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List of Ojokoro Lagos Postal Code and  Streets Zip Code

Street AddressZip Code
Abeokuta Cl. St. 100313
Abioku St St. 100313
Adedeji St St. 100313
Adeniyi St St. 100313
Adeniyitan St St. 100313
Adeobitokun St St. 100313
Aremu St St. 100313
Awala St St. 100313
Ayila St St. 100313
Ayinde St St. 100313
Ayobola St St. 100313
Balogun St St. 100313
Bella St St. 100313
Cele St St. 100313
Clem St St. 100313
Diya St St. 100313
Eleshin St St. 100313
Eniola Cl. St. 100313
Ewenre Cl. St. 100313
Fasipe St St. 100313
Fatunbi St St. 100313
Ifelodun St St. 100313
Igbajo Cr St. 100313
Ijawoye St St. 100313
Iyaniwura St St. 100313
Lamidi St St. 100313
Ojulape St St. 100313
Ola Oluwa St St. 100313
Olanipekun St St. 100313
Olayiwola Cr St. 100313
Olumide St St. 100313
Oluyide St St. 100313
Omoyeni St St. 100313
Orilawe St St. 100313
Oshodi Rd St. 100313
Oyero St St. 100313
Salako St St. 100313
Shaiya St St. 100313
Shittu St St. 100313
Showemimo St St. 100313
Vero Oghast St. 100313

What is Nigeria Postal code and Zip Codes

Are you eager to know the complete Nigeria Postal code and it’s meaning? Well, here is it.

The Nigerian Zip code or Postal code consists of six numeric digits. For those who may not be aware, we have six geopolitical zones in Nigeria, which are as follows;

  • North East,
  • North West,
  • North Central,
  • South-South,
  • South East,
  • South West.

You can get more about Lagos state here.

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